Monday, 11 July 2011

Le Mura di Sopra

Pizza oven

On the terrace below the patio we have installed a pizza oven and 2 large barbeques. The pizza oven has been a wonderful addition and is good not only for making your own pizzas but also full meals including roasts, vegetables, bread etc. The barbeques are substantial with ample space for a meal for the whole household grilled over wood or charcoal.

Meals at Le Mura di Sopra

Want a relaxing evening at home? We havea choice of cooks who will take over our kitchen and prepare anything from a simple Tuscan meal to a sophisticated celebration menu. The price depends on the menu but ranges from 25 to 35 euros per head for a 3 course meal.

Sunday, 10 July 2011


Our good friends and neighbours Huw and Sandra Evans are bee-keepers extrodinaire. They are deeply involved in research into bee behaviour. Huw is an electronic engineer and Sandra a botanist. They have developed ground-breaking high-tec methods of monitoring bees within the hive to predict events such as swarming.

They keep their bees entirely organically and produce three crops of simply delicious honey - Acacia which is virtually transparent it is so pure, with a fragrant flavour, Chestnut which is a rich dark brown with a distinctive almost smoky flavour and Mille Fiore, deliciously sweet, varying according to the year's predominant flower crop.

If you are interested in trying some during your stay, or taking some home, contact Huw.

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Green energy

We have been interested in doing our bit for the planet for some time. When the pool was built, David constructed a solar panels to heat the pool water. This has been very successful, raising the pool temperature by 5-7 degrees C (10-15 degrees F) and extending the swimming season by about a month in Spring and Autumn.

Last year we installed photovoltaic panels to generate our electricity. We are looking into Geo-thermal energy for the central heating and household hot water.

We have also installed a grey water system for the goats and garden. There is lots of scope for increasing our collection over the next few years.

Despite all this, we still feel conserving energy is a priority. Please help us by doing your bit - turn lights off, and only use the tumble drier if essential. The sun is free and green!